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Ruzhowa Savings and Credit Cooperative Society ?

Ruzhowa Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS) limited is registered under section seventeen of the Cooperative Society Act 24.05 in Zimbabwe. It has a sister entity registered in the US as Ruzhowa Investments Savings to support the establishment of the SACCOS.

The name Ruzhowa refers to a hedge that is put around a garden to protect the crops as they grow. Adopting this name signifies the intrinsic value and need of the founding members to establish a legal entity that will secure their finances and create a platform to grow them with confidence. Ruzhowa Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS) will enable members to reach their financial needs by enabling members to make deposits; secure and grow their savings. The society intend to raise equity through selling of shares to its members and investing the reserve funds in stocks bonds, securities and fixed income assets at the beginning. Once the Society have reached a break-even point and secured insurance, it will start provisioning loans. Additionally the society will then be able to buy into larger investments as it’s reserves grow and have higher returns to its members.

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Munashe Mugonda
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Robert Manyoni
Vice Chairperson
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Arnold Muchatora
team img
Tinashe Gumi
team img
Eshworth Wanguwa
Committee Member
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Desmond Madzenenga
Legal Technical Advisor
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Bazil Mupisiri
IT Technical Advisor
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Cephas Svosve
Actuary Technical Advisor
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Virginia Bakasa
Education Committee
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Linda K. Maenzanise
Education Committee
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Grace P.K Madzimure
Education Committee
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Thando Diarra
Loans Committee

Redefine investment banking for societies to finance their success.


Design, build and deliver guaranteed financial solutions which are
accessible, sustainable, secure and tailored for different markets and societies.

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Community engagement

Facilitate sound capacity building for both existing and emerging markets through pooling resources together.


Deliver our services at manageable turnaround time with compliance to legislation.


Operate in such a way that produces good returns for our members.


Stay ahead of competition through continuous research, leveraging on technology and delivering dynamic solutions.


We are accountable for our products and deliver the promised value to our members.


Giving back to the community with a focus on the less privileged and disadvantaged.